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noun. the pleasant scent that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.




To build a cohort of change makers;
To extend gracious hospitality in pleasant surroundings;


To provide opportunities for justice seekers to engage collectively through presentations and discussions on compelling topics of social and cultural significance; and
To discover what one person can do - alone and in collaboration with others - to create positive, enlightened change in connection with social justice issues.



Water, nutrition, economic justice, education, early childhood development, housing, employment, racial justice, environmental justice, climate change, health, wellbeing, mental health, mindfulness, addiction and recovery, human trafficking, global pediatric challenges, refugees/displaced persons, and more.













Salon Series:

Events take place on Thursday evenings throughout the year, to introduce a curated group of change-makers to each other, possibly for the first time (and certainly in new light), to encourage greater understanding of subjects of topical concern while promoting deepening and strengthening relationships and collaborations, and fostering effective civic engagement amongst participants.  Each event focuses on a distinct topic, lead by topic-specific expert speakers and moderators already engaged on the ground in the relevant area of inquiry.


Before each event, presenters will publish online a suggested background reading list (articles, books [chapters]) or other relevant materials to familiarize participants with the subjects and themes to be addressed. Also, not less than one week before the applicable event, its presenters will issue a collective one-page position paper outlining the material to be covered, areas of their particular concentration and concern, and proposed action items and entryways to engagement in positive change. 


Proposed Event Flow: 


5:30 PM - arrivals, meet and greet, drinks and hors d’oeuvres 


6:15 PM - substantive presentation/Q&A


7:30 PM - buffet dinner 


8:30 PM - coffee and dessert, further Q&A, insights, closing 

Objectives and topics
salon series

Civil Discourse: 

Salon series events are meant to be thought-provoking, inspiring and engaging opportunities, where presenters and guests feel safe and comfortable at all times.  As such, privacy and confidences must always be honored: no unapproved quoting/attribution of any kind is permitted.


Q&A: Questions are for the purpose of seeking clarification and/or further information, not to state a position (whether in support of or disagreement with the presenter).  We do not interrupt, cross-talk, grandstand or campaign.


Cell Phones: Think of yourself on a plane.  With no WiFi.  Please refrain from texting, making/taking phone calls and/or checking voice messages while we are in session.


Non-solicitation: These are networking events, but not – generally – in the sense of career networking.  We do not solicit or pitch.


Organizations can present and co-present, but the focus should be on issues - and possible remedies - rather than the organizations (which is not to say that a presenting organization and/or individual should not to refer to anecdotal challenges and triumphs in the context of his/her/its presentation/discussion).


Adherence to these guidelines is essential to continued participation in these events.


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Michael J. Stubbs and Dr. Bill Resnick

United by a shared commitment to public service and social justice, Bill Resnick and Michael Stubbs were married in May, 2014, and – individually and collectively – dedicate much of their time, energy and resources to help to build a more just, loving and fully actualized human family.

A Los Angeles native, Bill has always looked to his parents as role models of service and philanthropy.  As a school nurse, Bill’s mother, Sandy Segal, helped to found the
Culver City Youth Health Center (recently renamed in her honor), and Bill’s father and stepmother, Stewart and Lynda Resnick, are renowned for their outstanding philanthropic leadership, particularly in the arts,
and education.

After attending medical school at the University of Pennsylvania, Bill completed his psychiatry residency at UCLA in 2001.  Currently, Bill chairs the board of
Insight LA, and serves as a trustee of American Jewish World Service, serves on the board of the Venice Family Clinic, and the advisory board of UCLA's Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital.



Growing up in Bermuda, Michael’s passion for social justice was initially inspired by his father’s lifelong example of service, commitment and engagement, both locally, as a surgeon and Member of Parliament there, as well as globally, through Management Services for Health, the international nonprofit organization he co-founded with fellow MIT Sloan School alumni to save lives and improve health outcomes for the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people.  Having worked in the motion picture business for most of his professional life, Michael now devotes his full time efforts to philanthropy, advocacy and activism, with a focus on health, education and economic opportunities, especially in connection with early childhood development, juvenile justice, restorative justice, anti-recidivism, racial justice, employment, and HIV/AIDS.  Michael formerly chaired the board of the Anti-Recidivism Coalition, and currently serves on the board of the California Head Start Association.


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Participation is by invitation only.  Space is limited.

If our salon series sounds interesting to you, and you would like to be considered for inclusion (as a presenter/moderator and/or as a non-presenting participant), please feel free to contact us.

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