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Suggested Action Items and Further Information

July 30, 2015

Five Things you can do TODAY to Stop Human Trafficking

1. Donate


CAST offers free services. So any amount you donate will help survivors of modern-day slavery rebuild their lives.


other Los Angeles based Human Trafficking Organizations include:


2. Volunteer


Whether you are a professional with expertise in working with trafficking victims, or you just want to be part of the solution, CAST wants to get you involved!


3. Organize


Grow the movement to end modern-day slavery! CAST can help you use your expertise to organize fund raising events, and start your own community or university anti-trafficking group.


4. Start a Chain Store Reaction


As a consumer, you have the power to support fair trade products. Send an email to your favorite brands demanding a guarantee that their products are slave free.


5. Report a Crime


If you suspect a case of human trafficking, don't put yourself and others in danger by intervening on the spot. Call the professionals!


For CAST's 24-hour hotline:



For L.A.
LA Metro Taskforce: 800-655-4095


National hotline: 888.3737.888




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