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Suggested Action Items and Further Information



The most important tool is a petition calling on the US administration to resettle an additional 100,000 Syrian refugees this year, to provide substantial humanitarian aid to refugees abroad, and to make resolution of the conflict in Syria a foreign-policy priority. That petition can be found at



There's more to be done! With over 60 million people displaced from their homes due to conflict and violence, the world is facing the largest refugee crisis since WWII.  Of those, 11 million people are Syrians, and the stories of their perilous journeys to find safety have caught the attention of the world.  It is a moment that requires dramatic international leadership, and as Americans, we need to ask our government to respond with urgent action.



You can:


Speak Out for Refugees: Contact Your Member of Congress!


Speak out for Syrian Refugees: Write a Letter to the Editor!



You can:




Commit to supporting refugees in your community.

Volunteer with refugees and asylum seekers in your own city. Visit and complete the form, and HIAS

will contact you with more information.




Dedicate yourself to learning more about the global refugee 

crisis in general and the Syrian refugee crisisin particular.

Stay informed on the latest developments in the globalrefugee

crisis (you'll find additional links at the bottom of this page as well as here)




Support HIAS as they work for the protection of refugees 

Visit to support their work and to help them 

build a powerful Jewish response to the refugee crisis.

Visit International Medical Corps to give lifesaving medical care to 

disaster survivors.




Syrian Refugee Crisis 2015

HIAS: For the Refugee

Further Reading:

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